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The Montague Millennium website has never been just about the history of the Montague’s, but for the Montague’s of today.  This includes all of it’s derivatives, spellings and name changes.  The site has always provided a means whereby family members can communicate with each other.  Initially this was by way of the Discussion Groups and the publishing of Family Websites.  The Montague e-List followed this.  We are now providing a mechanism for family members to get to know each other, and stay in touch, using Instant Messaging. (MSN Messenger).

Chairman of Chat.

I was fortunate to re-establishing contact a few months ago with Warwick Montagu, one of our family members from Australia.  He mentioned at that time the possibility of developing MSN Messenger as a further tool for us in developing and maintaining contact among our worldwide family members and relatives.  It sounded like a great idea to me, especially the part about volunteering to be the chairman of the task.  Warwick developed the following instructions to help you in locating and downloading the program, and how to get started in it's use.  I am sure we will all have a learning curve, so please bear with us.  If you have any questions or comments you can contact Warwick at  I will see you there!

How it works.

Many of you using the Internet will be aware of a free program called MSN Messenger (you can get a free copy from a number of sources – see later).  With the program (Messenger) you can connect and “chat” to friends who also use Messenger.  You can “see” when they are online and whether they are free to chat with you.  Unlike e-mail and message boards, the messages are delivered and responses received, almost instantly.  Chatting is done by text messages, but it is also possible (with the right equipment) to have voice and video.  At his stage we are only describing how to join in with text chatting.

In order to see and chat with other people you need to know their contact address (a bit like knowing their telephone number before you call them).  This is where The Montague Millennium website comes into play.  We will need to register your “contact address” and add it to a file, which will then be available to all other registered users to access.  As a registered user, you will be given access to a file containing all the contacts held on The Montague Millennium website for this purpose.  To make life easy, the file you receive can be automatically added to your list of contacts, saving you effort of adding them one at a time.

How do I join in ?

You will need to:

1. Have a Hotmail account
2. Have a copy of MSN Messenger
3. Register your Hotmail account via email with Warwick Montagu at  Registering via email will avoid the possibility of being ignored or refused chat membership.  In your request for registration it would also help if you would mention The Montague Millennium website to help us further recognize that you are legitimate and not an imposter and/or purveyor of unsavory material.  We are doing our best to avoid distasteful intrusions posing as family members or relatives.  After we become better organized you will be able to register directly through The Montague Millennium website.
4. To make life easier for all of us we would like you to register and set up your "real name" as your display name in MSN Messenger and your location (as in "My Name - Location") less the quotes.  If you are not sure how to do this please check the "Display Name" section below.

You will get:

1. A file of other Montague Millennium registered users.
2. Access to files of registered users on a regular basis (to automatically update your contact list).

Display Name.

We request that you set up your real name and location in MSN Messenger so others will be able to recognize who you are.  This will be very useful to all the other chat members, especially as the number of members grow.

Activate MSN Messenger, then go to the "Tools" pulldown menu and select "Options."  The first tab that you will see is entitled "Personal."  The first line of information on that tab is "My Display Name."  What you enter here is what others will see when you log onto chat.  We suggest entering your name - city, such as, Larry Montague - Memphis.  This will make it much easier for others to identify you and keep up with who is who.  This is virtually nothing as far as public identity is concerned because "anyone" can be found on the Internet anyway.

Click on this link for a video presentation of the above instructions.  After you have viewed the video simply click on your back arrow and you will be returned to this page.

If you are still having difficulty with this please email Warwick for further instructions.

No Hotmail Account ?

First of all you will need to obtain a free, “hotmail” account.  If you already have one of these, you don’t need to do it again.  To obtain your “hotmail” account go to and sign up.  Without this you can’t participate.

Where do I get MSN Messenger ?

Once you have your Hotmail account, login.  Each Country has a slightly different look and feel but you should find a link to “People and Chat” (or something similar) and from there, to a page, which has a link to “Download Messenger Now”.  (Alternatively you could try going to, which should take you to your local download area).  Download the copy of messenger for your Operating System and install it following the instructions provided.

Once you have installed MSN Messenger you can login to Messenger and start chatting – once you have found someone to chat with !

Adding Contacts (also known as “buddies”)

You can do this one at a time, as you get to know other people, or you may add all of the many (we are sure there will be lots J ) family members that will be registering with us.  We are providing you with a regularly updated downloadable file containing all of the known chat members.  You can download this file here by Right Clicking on the following link:


Select "Save Target As" and save the file to your Desktop or another place on your system.  Remember where you put it.  This file can then be imported directly into your contacts by going to "File," then "Import Contacts from a Saved File."  Then select the supplied file that you just downloaded and click “Open.”  This will add all of the contacts in the supplied file, to your existing contacts, without removing your existing contacts.

Now you can start chatting to any family member who is currently online.

Fire Walls !

For those of you behind corporate Fire Walls, like myself, may find you can still use messenger while at work by going to Messenger, opening Tools > Options – Connection Tab and entering your Proxy Server details – port 1080 works for me.

Other Things to Note !

1. When you start Chatting with someone there is a warning :
Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.  Obviously this extends to any information that may be of use to someone who, in the unlikely event, gains unlawful access to your conversation.
2. In the unlikely event that you are pestered by a contact, use the “block” feature and delete that contact as you see fit.  Please also report the contact email address so that it can be –de-registered – and reported if need be.
3. You should log into your Hotmail account periodically (1 per 30 days at least) as this will keep your Hotmail account active (inactive accounts get deactivated).
4. You can see, from Messenger, any new emails that may have been delivered to your Hotmail account
5. Later on we will aim to provide a “download” button on the web site so you can download an up-to-date contacts list, on demand.  For now it will be via email.
6. Before you update your contacts list it is a good idea to backup your existing contacts list from Messenger by selecting File > Save Contacts List.
7. Those wishing to make use of Voice or Video – You may need to make sure both parties are using the same Operating System, or Use NetMeeting (another free offering from Microsoft)
8. Respect the Status of your contacts.  If they are marked as “Busy” they probably are.  They may also be in other conversations and may take a moment or two to respond.  They may also actually be working and will respond when they are free.
9. If a contact is not available, Offline, Busy etc you can simply use their contact details to e-mail them.  Maybe propose a time to chat.
10. Not everyone lives in North America.  What may be a convenient time for you maybe very inconvenient for others.  I personally use WorldTime but a quick Google search should find you with something suitable for your needs.

Advanced Users

Advanced Users may wish to visit for some advanced Messenger features.  You do so at your own risk, but I find the Polygamy Patch most useful as this allows me to run multiple sessions of Messenger at the same time on the one PC.

Larry has asked me to take on the role of “Chairman of Chat” so if you have any questions or unsure of anything please feel free to drop me a line at or better still, add me as a contact.

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