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Special Thanks to the Following Persons and Companies
for Contributions to the Year 2000 Reunion.

Harry and David Montague
Montague Corporation
Cambridge, MA  02138
U.S.: 1-800/736-5348
International: 1-617/491-7200
Montague Corp. is a company of cycling enthusiasts, dedicated to the development of innovative, high quality cycling products that meet and exceed the demands of it's customers active lifestyles.
The Montagues were gracious in donating one of their fine mountain bikes as a door prize at the reunion.

Roger and Sharon Montague
Measurement Engineering, Inc.
2738 Winnetka Avenue, North
Minneapolis, MN 55427
Roger and Sharon could not make it to the reunion but they showed their good intentions by donation a considerable amount of cold, hard cash to help in the very expensive direct mail campaign.

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