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Comments from readers: History of the Montagues of America

"Don't you like MUN - TAA- GOO? Or MON-TAAAHG? Ugh!
Don't know about you, but our family pronounces it the same way as Romeo of Romeo and Juliet. But I guess that pronunciation depends upon which country you live in."  Michelle Montague
"Long Live The Montagues!"  Michael Montague

Re: And which Montague are you?  LOL! This is great, Larry! But what about those families, like mine, which switched their name between Montague and Montique? Supposedly, my Montague family descends from the Alsace Lorraine area and changed their last name depending on which side of the border they [inhabited].
No need to go into the Montique side now. I come from a family of six children that were born from the union of Don Montague and my wonderful mother Barbara who have lived in Toledo, Ohio their entire lives. My grandparents were British, but no one knew them except my mom and dad, and my dad doesn't talk about his family. Therefore, the siblings are left to figure out family genealogy on our own.
I will tell my brothers, sisters and few Montague cousins I have about the Montague Millennium. Thanks for the inquiry!  Cheers, Michelle

"My last name is pronounced exactly as it's spelled "mon-tah-gyoo" not that hard, but people still mess it up"  Cassandra Montague

"That is how we pronounce it too, but telemarketers sometimes go for Montaglue... Those are even our letters!"  Michael Montague

"I [pronounce] it like the Sergeant [in Israel] does ;-)"  Shelli Montague-Tipping


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