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Finally, after all these years, it looks like we have someone who will lead the development of the potentially huge Montague family online database that I have written about on this website and dreamed about since day one.  Warwick estimates approximately one year of development time.  It is a big job which will require an extensive amount of time to complete.  It requires not only developing the database software, but defining the exact requirements and procedures along the way.  I have always had an idea how I wanted it to look and function, but both Warwick and I remain open to your ideas and suggestions.  You can contact Warwick at  My email address is

I have been in contact with Warwick Montagu since about mid-1998, but I didn't know he was a computer software professional until a couple of years ago.  I will ask Warwick to tell you a little about himself, Australia, his family and his business and computer expertise, and I will post it to this page.


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