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Antenna, TV, Powered, ClearVue, Front

Antenna, TV, Powered, ClearVue, Back

Antenna, TV, Set Top, Tunable

Barcode Reader, CueCat

Camcorder, 8 mm, Sharp, Back

Camcorder, 8 mm, Sharp, Front

Camcorder, 8 mm, Sharp, Label

Camera, Digital, MagicImage

Cassette AM- FM Portable Player

Cassette AM-FM Player, Walkman, Sony

Cassette Recorder, Portable, GE

Cassette Tape Player, Optimus

Cassette Tape Player, Optimus, Instruction Book

Cassette Tape Player, Optimus, Original Box

CD Player, Portable, Diskman, Sony

Computer, Laptop, NEC Versa 4000c

Crossover Switch, Parallel

Data Transfer Switch, Front

Data Transfer Switch, Back

Expansion Card

Disk Drive, 3 1/2" & 5 1/4"

Disk Drive, Zip, 100 MB

Enclosure, Metal, Project, 3 each, Radio Shack

Enclosure, Metal, Project, 3 each, Radio Shack, Label

Digital Camera & Voice Recorder, Aiptek, A

Digital Camera & Voice Recorder, Aiptek, B

Hard Drive, External, BusLink, Front

Hard Drive, External, BusLink, Rear

Intercom System, 2 Station, Radio Shack

ISDN Sportester Card

ISDN Sportester Book

ISDN Sportester Ring Generator

Keyboard, Gateway Control

Keyboard, Gateway

Keyboard, Packard Bell

Light Snake, Stowed

Light Snake, Stretched Out

Microphone, PC, Labtech, Pack of 10

Organizer, Electronic, Sharp Wizard, Closed

Organizer, Electronic, Sharp Wizard, Open

Radio, Weather, NOAA, Midland

Router, Wireless, Netgear, Front

Router, Wireless, Netgear, Back

Scanner, 50 Channel, Programmable, Realistic

Scanner, 50 Channel, Programmable, Realistic, Close Up

Scanner, Sheet Feed, Visioneer PaperPort

Smart Credit Card Reader, Fusion, Box

Smart Credit Card Reader, Fusion, Contents

Tape Backup, Cassette

Tape Backup, Digital, 8 GB

Game, Flight Control System, ThrustMaster

Game, Flight Control System, ThrustMaster, Data Plate

Game, Weapon Control System, ThrustMaster

Game, Weapon Control System, ThrustMaster Data Plate

 Recorder , Digital, Voice Recognition, Dragon Naturally Speaking

TV, Portable B&W, Sony, First Mobile TV

TV, Portable, Casio

Monitor, Gateway Vivitron 17 in.

DVD-VHS Player, Sony Model SLV-D360P

Telephone, DuoFone, System 209

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I am currently taking "reasonable" offers for the items throughout this list.  However, please don't offer me a ridiculous price!  (It HAS been happening!)  I will be posting prices soon...

All you have to do is identify the items you are interested in then email me at with your offer.  I will respond with an acceptance, or a counter offer.