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Figurine, Clown

Figurine, Boy Blue, Occupied Japan, 9 in. tall

Figurine, Boy with Horn, 9 in. tall

Figurine, Girl & Kitty

Figurine, Japanese Boy, Occupied Japan

Figurine, Occupied Japan, Confucius-1

Figurine, Occupied Japan, Confucius-2

Figurine, Occupied Japan, Confucius-3

Figurine, Occupied Japan, Confucius-4

Figurine, Occupied Japan, Confucius-5

Figurine, Lady

Figurine, Peacock

Figurine, Set of 2, 8 in. tall

Figurine, Set of 2, L & M, 8 in. tall

Figurine, Turkey Family, Full Strut

Figurine, Turkey Family, Full Strut - Makers Mark

Figurine, Whale, Red Glass, Occupied Japan

Figurine, World's Greatest Mother, 3 in. tall

Figurine-Dancing Couple

Figurine-Porcelain Lady

Figurines, Occupied Japan, Pair

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I am currently taking "reasonable" offers for the items throughout this list.  However, please don't offer me a ridiculous price!  (It HAS been happening!)  I will be posting prices soon...

All you have to do is identify the items you are interested in then email me at with your offer.  I will respond with an acceptance, or a counter offer.