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A little about Warwick Montagu - Larry asked me to :-)

This section is under constant development but "partially" functional. You may find your membership login no longer is registered, please feel free to re-register. Sorry, but this may happen several times as I reset the DB.

There are some known problems so don't be surprised ! In particular the Password reset/change function is not working. Please feel free to email me with comments (good and bad) with how you feel this works. The intention is to have different levels of access, so a new user would not have access to personal details. Others may have access to basic data but not personal data (phone numbers, email address etc). Again, others may have access to particular "Branches" of the tree for update.

This is only a sample database with approximately 1600 individuals. The data may not be accurate or complete, but is "reasonable". In subsequent versions, some data will be restricted for "living" individuals and some personal data will be withheld. Please feel free to try it out.

  • Login using the User Name : guest and password : guest
  • Select "Family Member Search"
  • Enter either a First name or Last Name you wish to search for (or both names). You may use a trailing % as a "wild card" - Eg Enter a Last Name of : Montagu% to search for any Last Name starting with Montagu (includes Montagu, Montague, Montagu-Douglas-Scott etc).
  • On the list of results, click on an individual to bring up details of that person.
  • Click on any of the Hyper-links to see details of Parents, Spouse, Children etc.
    Finally. Some Hyper-links don't work yet so DON'T click on "Graphic Files", "Additional Info", "View Source" or "Common Ancestor Name" - If you do you will simply be taken back to the Home Page

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