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To have every Montague who ever lived on the face of the earth included in our website


NOTE! This Mission Statement is a first draft and is subject to change without notice. The writer solicits any suggestions and comments for improvement.

I. Mission Statement

  1. The mission of The Montague Millennium is to create, maintain and make available through worldwide internet access, a coordinated, interlinked, global database of Montague family genealogy and history.
  2. The website will provide all with an interest in the Montague family the knowledge and information fundamental to effective genealogical and historical research.
  3. The Montague Millennium website user, in particular our children, will benefit from the knowledge of a centuries old family heritage of achievement and honor and will see challenge of historic nature. We can provide them with the opportunity to gain an exceptional understanding and appreciation of the history of the world spanning 1,000 years. They will learn the interdependence that exists among individuals, communities, states and nations. They will come to understand that a strong and meaningful partnership between the people and families of the world, and the home and the community, can best prepare us and our families for a productive life, both now and in the 21st century and beyond
  4. The Montague Millennium website will be operated in a user-oriented manner, considerate of those who will benefit and support the website. Their concerns and suggestions will be considered in all aspects of the decision-making process.
  5. The Montague Millennium will promote, advocate and consistently work to achieve the highest level of Montague family information service to the world.
  6. Will providing reference and research service by automated internet databases
  7. Maintain a collection of written and computerized information and therefrom, distribute that information over the internet to those interested
  8. Build, maintaining and provide access to other informational databases.
  9. Provide public relations and assistance to the Montague family, and
  10. Explore and develop programs for enhanced information and research services to our users.
II. Montague Family Impact

  1. Meaningful, individualized user interactions so sophisticated and intimate that traditional means pale by comparison
  2. The potential to create highly-specialized, yet vast, communities of common interest for our family.
  3. Instant electronic access.
  4. Truly international in reach.
  5. Support for the near-instant information gratification needs of the current and future generation.
  6. The power to influence simply by making more information more easily accessible.
  7. The ability to make this information available 24-hours-per-day, 7-days-per-week, often without human intervention.
III. Short Range Objectives

  1. To complete and continue expansion of the basic website as it exist today. Improvement and expansion will be a cornerstone of The Montague Millennium.
  2. We will focus upon authentic, interactive state-of-the-art technology to maximize the website effectiveness.
  3. To convert present-day source document information about the Montague family genealogy and history which will then be published on The Montague Millennium web server as computer based and computer accessible information. The objective of The Montague Millennium is to completely supersede personal genealogy databases, and central genealogy database programs such as Ancestral File and genealogy data communication protocols, i.e. GEDCOM.
  4. Under The Montague Millennium, basic genealogy research will still be necessary. Links from ancestors to descendants are generally difficult to maintain. We will work exhaustively certifying the parentage or upward links of the files on the website.
  5. To provide electronic communication and delivery services of information in such a way as to encourage the sharing of resources among family members, and, encourage the extension of services to our family members who do not have computer and/or internet access.
  6. The Montague Millennium will offers its users an online community, a new type of service for Internet-based education and communications. The Montague Millennium is dedicated to the advancement of all Web resources, and seeks to gather, analyze and freely distribute timely, valuable internet information, with proper credit given to the originators of new ideas and innovations.
IV. Long Range Objectives

  1. To develop a centralized repository collecting all existing information relative to the Montague family. To encourage all Montague family members and others to donate what materials they may have for historic preservation.
  2. Provide information resources of its special collections to Montague family members and other bona fide researchers, including onsite access and participation in publication loan.
  3. To publish and making available publications, statistics and other information regarding the Montague family.
  4. To assist Montague family members, libraries, library agencies, and information centers that principally are interested in obtaining and exchanging bibliographic information about the Montague family.
  5. To provide, promote, and sponsor education and learning opportunities for Montague family members.
  6. Provide leadership and encouragement for Montague family members, to bridge the gap between those who are computer literate and those who are not. Encouraging all to utilize the information available from The Montague Millennium website. Encourage those whose access to needed information is restricted due to age related, linguistic, ethnic, physical, geographic or economic barriers.
  7. Provide leadership, coordination and direction for development of Montague family information needs in the future.

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