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1. Preface
  I have been asked, "Why The Montague Millennium?" That simply refers to the fact that we have documented family genealogy and history all the way back 1,000 years to Drogo de Monte-acuto, b. c. 1040, who went from Normandy to England in the company of his good friend, Robert, Earl of Moriton, brother of William the Conqueror, during the invasion of 1066.
  The Montague family genealogy is very interesting and of great personal pride to me, but the real heart of a family is the people and their lives. When our ancestors lived, what were their lives like? What was their pride and passion, their freedoms (or constraints), their difficulties and their accomplishments? Not so much as to their position in life, but their personal accomplishments, or failures. And, what are Montagues doing today?
  You will want to look at the site often because we are constantly adding to the site and improving it. [CAUTION] We are still under heavy construction and everything is not yet working but you will get a good touch and feel of what my goals are.
  It is gratifying to know that people are finding the site even at this early stage. It would be of great help if you would pass the word about the site to others that might have an interest in the Montague family.
  My three year goal is by the year 2005 to have every Montague alive or who ever lived cataloged and indexed on the system.....What a great gift to our children!.....
2. Please Send any Information on the Montague Family
  We would appreciate ANY and ALL information, written or electronic, that you can provide about the Montague family, particularly your immediate family. I will be temporarily filing the information that you send, but I will be looking for a place to make it available on the site as soon as the overload of organization and activation slows down. Mail any written information to my snail mail address shown below, and, if possible, e-mail any electronic information as an attached file or mail it if necessary.
  This information will be appreciated, not only by me, but by all Montagues. We can use genealogical information, history, old maps, drawings, photos, anything that is connected to the Montague family in any way.
  Please contact as many Montagues as possible and tell them about our website and its goals. If they have access to the internet ask them to take a look at the site. If they are not computerized ask them to send as much information as possible.
  I am receiving actual family trees, and written information by e-mail and snail mail from all over the world. Some of this data contain 6 or 7 generations of their branch of the family. Other branches have already notified me that they have their branches updated and they are going to send me copies. All of this information will be included in the database. I have received information from people who are not even on the internet. They have had other relatives tell them about the site who have given them my mailing address. As a matter of fact, I am receiving information by e-mail and snail mail from all over the world. It's really exciting. I have even started collecting stamps, like I've really got time with this site and all!
  We need interesting stories, photos or photo copies of older paintings or drawings of people and things. Send us anything and everything, we'll try to find a proper place to present it. We need a little humor also so send us the stories about the horse thieves, road barons and highwaymen as well as the earls, barons and kingmakers. With all of the Montagues out there helping this will not be a difficult task at all and I believe it can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time.
  With everyone working together we can make the year 2005 goal.
3. Test Database
  Currently, we are building a test database of around 100 or so Montagues in direct line of descent. This will be posted on the website so we can do some testing with our database search engine and interactive components of the site. With it's small size, it will be limited, but feel free to experiment with it yourself as it becomes available. Building and testing this sample database should be completed within a few weeks.
  When this testing has been completed and refined, and the family member search engine is working properly, I am going to send an introductory e-mail notice about the site to all of the Montagues that I can locate.
4. E-mail List
  So far, I have been able to locate through the resources of the internet over 700 e-mail addresses of Montagues around the world. If you haven't sent e-mail, I might not have yours. Please e-mail us and I will be sure to put you on the notification list.
  I am sure that a LOT of people that I have e-mail addresses on don't know about the website. Basically, the notification will encourage them to take a look at the site, and it will contain some additional information about the website.
  Thanks for visiting the website and for the e-mail that I am currently receiving. I am being contacted by 15 to 20 people every day about the site. I am getting so much e-mail that I am going to have to find a volunteer out there to help me keep up with it. These are people who found it through internet search engines and I haven't yet made an all out concerted effort to register the site with all of the search engines. I am sure it will GREATLY multiply when the e-mail notifications go out.
5. Volunteers to Help Build Database
  We still have a LOT to do to get the site going. The first of which is getting the databases built. Getting so much written information computerized and up on the site is going to take the help of some family volunteers. Building the database files will be a BIG task, but when it is broken down into small segments it is quite manageable. This shouldn't take more than a month or so.
  When this database goes into action every Montague in the system will have at least one, and sometimes more, page(s) of information, history, photos, etc.
  At the present time I have both Peter and Richard Montague's genealogy and history. I also have a 1970 update to one of Peter's branches. All of that information gives us a total of close to 15,000 database records to start. We will add additional information as it comes in.
  I need as much information as possible about other branches of the family around the world. We will be continually looking for new and updated data. You can help us as much as we can help you with information.
  We will go live with the site as we begin to get the database records back from the volunteers. Other records will be added as they arrive. We WILL have information of interest to you. You will be able to view and print anything you see on the site.
  In the meantime it would be a great help if you could put together the basic information on your ancestors and relatives as much as possible. We are going to publish a blank family member record on the site in a few days that you can print and use as an information collection form. Soon we will have downloadable database file templates for several of the most popular database programs. This will allow you to enter the information on the Montagues that you know at leisure on your own computer and then upload it to us for inclusion.
6. Website goes Live
  As data comes back to me it will be entered into the master database and brought on line. Eventually it will all fit together. Hopefully, we will get enough website interest and traffic to obtain branches and countries worldwide that we don't have and be able to update the last 100 years on both Peter and Richard Montague. But, again this is not a Peter and Richard Montague website, it is a worldwide Montague website. We just don't have the information that we need on other branches. If you have access to information on other branches please let me know.
7. Final Comments
  Please stay in touch. Let me know of any ideas for improvement. I need your help, suggestions, and constructive criticism.

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