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Here we will present personal stories of family members. They can be authored by the individual, or written by another as long as the story line can be validated. I plan to have another section devoted to fiction and labeled as such.

If you know of any interesting stories about family members, please let me know. The Montague Millennium family website needs your help to keep the information coming. As usual I need volunteers! Your worldwide family needs your help. Please contact me at


The Questing Beast   By Simeon H. "Bud" Newman, 1927 - 1996
My Experience as a Confederate Soldier   By Adolphus Wiley Montague, 1835 - 1917
The Letters of a Union Soldier   By Almer H. Montague, 1842- ????
    Supplied to us through the generosity of Mark and Carol Felone
Carol is the great granddaughter of Almer
You may contact them at

 Montague Civil War Soldiers

Please send additional stories    


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