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My original web consultant recommended that I post an ample amount of information about myself and my family so as to acquaint you with who I am.  This section will also let you know about my interest and career.  NOTE! I didn't write all the copy. Terry, our original web consultant, is responsible for that.

I started out as a child!

Even though this photo was taken in 1943, when I was about 2 years old, I remember the day, the place and the event.

(Now, I sometimes can't remember where I was yesterday!)

This is a good example of the quality of photographic reproduction available by electronic scanning. If you look really close you can even read the inscription!

A real Wally Cleaver look-alike!
Note! Terry said that.  I didn't.

I was in the army from 1962 until 1968.  I was in the paratroopers and later became an army aviator.  After becoming an aviator I was in Vietnam for 1 year.

A photo of Larry in his COOL days, way back when leisure suits were all the rage.
What a shirt!


I guess I lost my mind in my 30's.  This is my photo in my special edition bicentennial passport taken in 1976.
Another one of those wild shirts, and look at that hair!

Quite a bit older and a lot less "cool."
As they say, "What the heck happened?


Click for larger image
My daughter,
Cinnamon's Children,
My Grandchildren,
Nicole & Ryan
My son,
A slightly later version
of my office
in Vietnam


Larry & Betty in Utah

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My father and his sisters standing.
My grandfather & grandmother seated.
Photographed about 1927.
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