By Michael Schuyler

This is a view leading to the entrance of Beaulieu at the right. The present Lord Montagu is a car buff, and the national Motor Museum is on his property way to the left of this shot. He, like many of the owners of the Great Houses, has tried to supplement to costs of keeping up the house. An amusement park contains the museum of autos. It costs over 15 Pounds to get in (about $25), but the house is on the Heritage Pass list, so if you buy a pass, you get in for free.
Coming up to the house from the park. It was a very dreary day. I shot this to get the coat of arms with the house.
This is a nice shot except for the tourists. The house is rather small when compared to some of the other grand houses like Chatsworth or Longleaf, but the acreage that goes with it is vast. I will spend some time in a later email detailing some of this.
This shot is looking back toward the amusement park. This is actually my second visit to the house. We toured it in 1998, but at that time I wasn't aware that I was a Montague descendent, so we returned to pay a little more attention.
This fellow is Ralph, 1st Duke of Montagu (1638-1709) who was an ambassador to France. Beaulieu is one of the few houses where you can take pictures inside, but the fact is, it is difficult to do so--it's pretty much a hit or miss operation. Most of the portrait pictures did not turn out well because the flash reflected, even though the pictures are not behind glass. We relied on guidebooks of professionally taken photos for most of the interiors.
Left small picture is Henry, 3rd Earl of Southampton (1573-1624) Above fireplace is Thomas Wriothesley, 1st Earl of Southampton (1573-1624) Small picture right of fireplace is King Charles II Corner Right is James, Duke of Monmouth and Buccleuch Far Right is John, 2nd Duke of Montagu (1690-1749) Below John is my wife, Carol.
The dining room. A vast fireplace intrudes at the left, the courtyard to the right. You can just see the grand staircase through the doorway. The entrance is through that door and to the left.
The kitchen at Beaulieu showing the large stove with a spit. In many of these houses the stoves were even bigger than this. The spit was turned by a boy, but sometimes a mechanism was rigged so that a dog running in a wheel would do the job. This represents the kitchen in the 19th century, when the house was extensively remodeled.
This is a picture of the town of Beaulieu itself, seen across the estuary from the house location. Many years ago the present Baron was divorced. He remarried a woman named Fiona, but his ex-wife still lives in the town and frequently visits the house to make sure it is in order.

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