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A new gentleman on the block, Clarence Procop, will be coming on board.  Well, not new to me because we have been in touch since early 1998.  (Wow, has it really been five years?)  I believe Clarence found me through the then new fledgling website.  Clarence will be assisting us with some ideas in reference to the permanent organization of a Worldwide Montague Family Association, and a separate but every bit as important, Worldwide Montague Family Foundation.  I will let him explain the distinct differences.

I will be posting his comments to the website very soon.  He and I have exchanged ideas in reference to this for a long, long time.  He has always been available with very good suggestions but unfortunately I have not always been able to carry-through with some of his ideas because of health and personal problems.  In addition it's just good business sense to delegate more responsibility and authority to others and let them function much more independently.

Along with Clarence's first post to the website I will ask him to tell you a little about himself, his heritage and business expertise.  I know you will join me in officially welcoming him on board.


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