Montague, Oregon

The old town-site is found by going about six miles south of Arlington on Hwy 19, and then east on Montague Lane another four miles.  Montague Lane runs east to west right on the old Oregon Trail .  Montagues who walked here from Kansas after the Civil War, in the 1860ís, settled this area in northern Oregon , not too far from the Columbia River .  It is unclear why they decided to homestead here, but at one time the valley had many Montague families farming here.  They pronounce the name Mon-teg.

Today there are no services in the valley, including mail service.  The few residents there must travel to Arlington for goods and services, including their mail at zip code 97812.

At the present time, there is Montague Lane , the site of the once Montague School , and the Eightmile Cemetery that contains several Montague graves.  There is also a site of an old homestead that was once the Montague Post Office.  The region is a rather marginal grain farming area.  Presently, most of the grain is grown on the mesas with some in the lower valley.  Evidently there have been irrigated crops in the valley before, but that was in the past, possibly due to the lack of water in recent years.

Doris and I talked to an old farmer who was quite informative and gave us most of our information about the area.  His ranch is at the corner of Eightmile Rd. and Montague Lane .  The farmer said they have had several bad years of low rainfall and poor crops of wheat as well as other grain crops.  Apparently cattle ranching is becoming more popular, now, as it was in the past.  We were told that there were no Montagues still residing in the area, but that one older couple had recently moved to Arlington .  Doris and I were unable to locate them, however.

After returning home, I was unsuccessful in matching up any of the names on the tombstones to any of the names in the Montague Genealogy book.  I guess these families were not included in the book after migrating to this remote area of Oregon .

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