Montague, Prince Edward Island

The Micmac Indians were the first inhabitants of the island.  In 1720 the first French Acadian settlement was established, some in the Three Rivers area.  In 1758 the land was taken by England .  The new regime ordered the deportation of the Acadian people, however some did manage to remain.  The island was officially named Prince Edward Island in 1799 in honor of Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, who was then commander-in-chief of British North America .       

In Samuel Hollandís 1764 survey of the Island, Montague River was named.  There were several prominent Montagues at the time, but for whom it is named is uncertain.  It could have been named in honor of John Montague, Third Earl of Sandwich.  This area, also called Three Rivers, was unsuccessfully settled several times until 1775 when some permanent settlers established Montague Bridge (as it was known then).  A road and bridge was constructed connecting Lower Montague and Charlottetown .  The area developed into logging, agriculture, and commerce.  A railroad came through town in the late 1800ís.  Montague has always been a prominent fishing center.  It is located about twenty miles east of Charlottetown , PEI .

Driving across Prince Edward Island , the country is fairly flat with moderate size farms that were preparing the deep red soil for summer crops.  Many cattle and dairy farms were seen.  Today the village of Montague has over 2000 residents, a Post Office, many stores, shops, etc. and a large lobster fishing fleet.  The old railroad depot has been remolded into the chamber office, at the riverside park.

We talked to a Mrs. McDonald, a photographer who has lived there all her life.  We talked as the lobster fleet was preparing for the first morning run of the new season.  Apparently the area sees a million visitors during the summer months.

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