Montague, Tennessee

The Montague Neighborhood started in 1919, with a subdivision that became something of a fashionable resort for city dwellers who kept riverside cottages there for the summer.  Its boundaries were Gallatin Pike on the west, Gibsonís Creek on the north, the Cumberland River on the east, and East Due West Av. on the south.

Montague Beach was a place where young people went for fun and sun back in the 1940ís and 1950ís.  Many folks used to attend the old Montague Drive-in Theater, which was located at 1020 S. Gallatin Pike.  It finally closed down about 1976.  Today, Montague is a quiet residential area, with a few remaining older cabins.

Montague Corner was situated on the northeast corner of Gallatin St. and Due West Ave. and was known as the Montague District a few miles northeast of Nashville , TN on Hwy 31 E.  Now the area is better known as Madison or the part of Nashville with a zip code of 37216.  Today there is a Taco Bell at the site of the old grocery store.

In 1937 a Mr. Robert Poe ran the store.  He was also the Fire Chief of the fire station located nearby. 

Montague was a well-known name in the area and the district was named after the family.  Evidently the store was closed in the 1950ís or early 1960ís.  It is still mostly commercial businesses  along Gallatin St .  The cross streets like Due West Ave., etc., are generally  residential.

I talked to a Mr. Newsome at the local cemetery for some of my information.

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