Albert Hibbard Montague 1845 - 1922

Albert, son of Hibbard, was probably born in Ellicott , New York .  He married Electa Hancock in 1871.  She was from Vermont , but very little is known of her early life.  Albert and Electa resided in Buffalo , NY where they had two sons, Chester and Lawrence.  Albert was a traveling salesman.  Electa died in 1906.  In 1910, Albert married Marian Booth of Canada , who had an older daughter, Gertrude.  Albert died in 1922, in Buffalo , NY , and was buried next to Electa in Orchard Park , NY .  The burial plot, at the Quar ker Meeting House, is not that far from Buffalo .  The grave marker of Harriet Montague Forbes is also in this plot.  She was Albertís oldest sister.  Doris and I were puzzled why no one had put the date of death on Albertís headstone.  His younger son, Lawrence, had always lived in nearby Buffalo , and I know his daughter, Bun, and my father have been to visit the site along with my Aunt Charlotte.  Doris and I had the date of Albertís death put on his stone to make it complete.  Chester was Albertís first son, and my family tree grows from there. 
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