Chester Richard Montague 1875 - 1934

Chester , son of Albert, was born in Buffalo , New York .  He graduated from the New York University and then from the Garret Theological School of Northwestern University in Illinois .  He married Winnie Theodora, the daughter of Captain William Aga.  Chester and Winnie were married, in 1897, in Green Bay , Wisconsin .  At this time, Chester was the youngest ordained Methodist Minister in the State.  The young couple lived in several Wisconsin towns as he was transferred by the church.  Chester studied dairying at the University of Wisconsin and soon after purchased a dairy farm in North Prarie , WI.  This venture had a disastrous ending when the cow herd contracted TB and had to be destroyed.  Chester returned to the ministry and was assigned to Stevens Point , WI .  When Winnie became ill, the Doctor advised a change in climate, so he accepted a church assignment at Laton , California in 1914.  Several transfers were made, by the church, in central and southern California .  His last assignment was in Tucson , Arizona where he passed away in 1934.  Earlier that year Chester had received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from the University of Southern California .  He and Winnie are buried in Fullerton , California .  They had five children. With Richard, their oldest, my genealogy line continues. 
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