Hibbard Montague 1801- 1846

Hibbard, son of Elijah, was born in North Leverett . He moved, in 1823, to the Holland Purchase, NY and settled in Jamestown .  Hibbard married, Mary, the daughter of Major Samuel Cowden in Ellicott , NY .  She was born in Cassadaga , NY on October 14, 1806.  Hibbard was engaged in manufacturing and later in the hotel business.  He was also a captain in the cavalry company.  Hibbard died in Ellicott , NY that is now part of Orchard Park , NY .  Doris and I returned to this town in 2004 to research more about his final resting place.  With the help of several local people, and their interest in genealogy, I believe he was buried in the cemetery behind the Quaker Meeting House in Orchard Park .  All old records were lost in a fire.  The local historians have updated new files on what is visible today.  There is no marker for him to be found, but many people were buried without gravestones and many broken and illegible markers are seen in this Cemetery.  His unmarried daughter, Emma, died in 1917.  A record of her death states she is buried in the Montague plot without a marker.  My genealogy line continues from Hibbard and Mary to Albert, their youngest of six children.  Hibbard died in 1846 when Albert was only one year old.  In time, Mary married Squire Hambleton.  He had a large house and farm in Orchard Park .  She was buried in the Hambleton plot, located in this cemetery, with members of both families.

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