Major Richard Montague 1729 - 1794

Richard, son of Deacon Samuel, was born in Sunderland , Mass.   He married Lucy, daughter of Simon and Elizabeth (Gunn) Cooley.  Early in life he was in the army and later became a devoted patriot for the independence of his country.  He fought at the head of his men at Bunker Hill and was stationed at Cambridge when Washington took command there.  General Washington commissioned him a Major.  In 1765 he and his family moved to North Leverett where he was one of the town’s founders.  He helped establish the Baptist Church of Montague and Leverett.  Richard was truly “a great man and his natural talents were superior”.  He was “a kind husband and father”.  Major Richard was a courageous soldier in both the Indian and Revolutionary wars.  The little cemetery, shown on this page, is not too far from the Church and town of North Leverett .  His farm was close to this spot and on the same side of the Jackson Hill Road .  The Major’s tombstone is the one with the American flag next to it.  This is an indication that some family is still nearby.  His wife, Lucy, rests next to him and they both were 65 years of age when they passed away. They had eleven children.  Elijah was their ninth child and my ancestry line continues from him.

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