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This section of our website is dedicated to Dick and Doris Montague of Montague, California.  The entire contents was written, researched and photographed by them over a three year long journey across North America.  Never have I seen anyone with such dedication to their task.

I am sure that Joel Montague of Wellesley, Massachusetts will not mind if I borrow a quote from his recent email after the 2005 reunion, and I quote, " I met some really dedicated  people... how many have tracked 30,000 descendants of Peter, or visited all the towns named "Montague", or so carefully documented through photography all the reunions?  That is serious!  Thank you, Joel, and I agree with you 100%.

Montague Towns of America
Dick Montague, 2005

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Doris and I have covered the United States and parts of Canada over the last three years in our RV.  The primary reason was to locate all the towns and places named Montague.  Driving through all the states in the lower forty-eight and finding all the tombstone markers of my grandfathers became another goal.    About 33,000 miles were covered in all.  The first year, in 2001, involved some site seeing along the way in the western part of the country.  Our trip in the spring of ‘02, covered the eastern part of America, and did not include the customary tourist attractions along the way.  However, we were more than entertained in our “treasure hunt” of finding our destinations and locating our goals.  The final trip in ‘04 was done to clear up some mysteries that had developed in our research.  The majority of our traveling was done on the secondary roads, visiting the small towns of America.  That was especially enjoyable, seeing the country life while bypassing most of the large cities as best we could.  We found twenty one Montague locations that are, or once were, towns or villages.  Seven of these towns have a present day post office.  There is also a Montague County and a Township.  Most of the has-beens have a sign or a road historically named Montague.  Four of the spots had no recognizable remains, but after some investigating, the location was found.
Richard Montague Family Tree and Resting Places
Dick Montague, 2005

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Finding the burial sites of all my Montague grandfather’s has been on my mind for sometime as Doris and I have already been to some gravesites, here in California, in the mid 1990’s.  While planning our Montague Towns trip, I realized that finding all of them a possibility and the research began.  I have nine generations of Montague forefathers in America.  This goes back a spell to the mid 1600’s.  By 2002 we were able to find all but two of the sites.  On our last trip, in the fall of 2004, we went back to Hadley, MA and Orchard Park, NY.  We now believe that we know where all my grandfathers are buried.  These trips were quite fruitful and it was very rewarding to have spent just a few minutes at these locations.  You might say, while following in their foot steps, it became almost as if we were living in their generation while we learned about them and experienced where they had lived so long ago.  The following pages represent what was found, with some photos, and a little information about each one of them.  A wealth of knowledge was acquired.


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