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It is recommended that you print this instruction page for future reference and as a handout for others who might help you in acquiring information.
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If you have a laser, or relatively high speed printer, it might be convenient to print as many copies of this form as you need, otherwise, photocopying a good quality printed master might be easier.
Last Revised: 3/28/97
1. Name of Family Member
  a. Prefix
    Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.
  b. First Name
  c. Middle Name
  d. Extra Name
    There is an occasional third or extra name
  e. Last Name
    Female Montague children, married or unmarried, will use Montague at the top of the form. Their spouses names appear in the Family Information section below. Subsequent generations of the children of the distaff side will use their family name on the form.
  f. Suffix
    Jr., III, Sr., etc.
  g. Title
    Baron, Duke, Earl of Sandwich, etc.
  h. Index#
    This is a control number assigned to everyone who has an entry in the system. For the moment leave this blank. We will assign this number unless you have your family branch numbers assigned. In that case we will use your numbers until we have a junction of branches at which time we will be renumbered for overall linkage and clarity.
  i. AFN#
    This Ancestral File Number is a control number assigned to individuals by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They have a large worldwide field team constantly collecting genealogical data. Their archives are probably the largest in the world. There are usually several churches in most areas that have CD-ROM files containing information that you can only imagine. They will be most happy to show you how to use their resources. Please take some disk with you on which to copy your information.
  j. Gender
  k. Common Ancestor Name
    This one might be a little tricky. There are several Montague genealogy books about different branches of the family around the world. When they were written Index# 1 was chosen as the top of the family tree. Now what we have are duplicate uses of #1. To keep separation of these branches until we have branch completion and closure I am going to continue the use of the initial Index#'s. The branches will be identified by an Index# suffix. Example; 1047-rm1614. This identifies the individual as an ancestor of Richard Montague, b. 1614. Then there is -pm1603, Peter Montague, b. 1603. Others will be used as they are identified. In your case, your common ancestor will be the most distant back that you can trace, ie., -xxyyyy.
2. Parents and Grandparents
  a. Father
    The family members father
  b. Fathers Birth Date
  c. PGrandfather
    The family members paternal grandfather
  d. Paternal grandfathers Birth Date
  e. PGrandmother
    The family members paternal grandmother
  f. Paternal grandmothers Birth Date
  g. Mother
    The family members mother
  h. Mothers Birth Date
  i. MGrandfather
    The family members maternal grandfather
  j. Maternal grandfathers Birth Date
  k. MGrandmother
    The family members maternal grandmother
  l. Maternal grandmothers Birth Date
3. General Information
  a. Education
  b. Church
    Church affiliation
  c. Occupation
    The family members primary lifetime or current occupation.
  d. Ambition
    Could be the above or it could be something dreamed of but not quite achieved.
4. Address and Contact Information
5. Events
  a. Event
    An important lifetime events such as birth and death. Other things such as, drafted, decorated, discharged, honored, graduated, hanged, etc.
  Note! The birth and death information should always be entered.
  b. Date
    When the event occurred.
  c. Place
    Where the event occurred.
  d. Role/Comments
    The role that the family member played in the event and any comments.
6. Family Information
  a. Number
    The sequential number of the family unit. This recognizes different spouses in order and keys them to the parentage of the children.
  b. Spouse
    Spouses name
  c. Date
    Date family unit began
  d. Birth
    Birth date of spouse
  e. Born in
    The birthplace of the spouse
  f. Died
    Date of death of spouse
  g. Comments
    Short comments about the spouse. Lengthy narrative about the spouse can be written separately and will be hyperlinked from the appropriate family member page.
7. Children
  a. Number
    The sequential number of the children.
  b. Name
    Name, not including last name
  c. Index#
    See paragraph 1h above.
  d. Birth
    Birth date
  e. Mother
    Place the number of the mother from Family Information section above in this field.
  f. Comments
    Short comments about the child. Lengthy narrative about the child can be written separately and will be a part of the family members page.
Blank Family Member Record Form
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