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Somerville, Tennessee
October 18, 1997
This reunion has already taken place. We would appreciate any information and reports from those in attendance.

Spokane, Washington
July 11-13, 1997
This reunion has already taken place. We would appreciate any information and reports from those in attendance.

Family reunions are a wonderful way to continue and renew your family contacts and acquaintances. This website will run a list of family reunion notices. Please e-mail or snail mail full details about your reunion, including, place, dates, contacts, phone numbers, and as much additional information as possible.

The Montague Millennium website would appreciate your help in gathering as much information about the family reunion attendees and their families as possible. I have developed a Family Member Record Form that you can print.  Photocopy an abundant supply and take them with you to the reunion, pass them out and ask the family members to fill them in. Tell the attendees that we also need information on as many of their ancestors, and other relatives not present at the reunion as they can remember, and for them to please fill out a form for them as well. Obtaining this information at the family reunion will speed the gathering of the data, and the accuracy will be enhanced since so many family members are present as the forms are filled in and they can be checked and verified with other family members. The family members participation in supplying this data at the reunion will be higher in priority than it will if they take the forms with them to do later. Please collect them and send them back to me to add to the family member database files.

It would also be a good idea to print the Family Member Record Form Instruction Page and the Mission Statement from this website. Photocopy a supply of these two forms and attach to the Family Member Record Forms. The Family Member Record Form Instruction Page will be necessary to help them understand more specifically what is required on the Family Member Record Form. Also, some of those attending your reunion will not be on the internet and will not be familiar with "The Montague Millennium." The copy of the Mission Statement will give them a good overview of the websites objectives.

This site will also carry full information on the distaff side of the family, so we need the same information about the female Montague children and their families as we do the others.

I am also interested in obtaining as much textual information on each family member as possible, as well as the statistical information above. We all like to hear the interesting stories about their life and things that happened to them or around them. This applies to our current family members, as well as our ancestors.

Photographs, drawings, maps, newspaper articles and the like are especially appreciated. Please send actual photographic copies of these. The typical `photocopy' is of very poor quality and very hard to scan and obtain any acceptable results. Send a photocopy only as a last resort.

Please send any request for information that you might have about these reunions to those referenced in the announcements. I will include all known contact information, including their e-mail addresses if known. Although I am always pleased to talk to any of you, please don't call me for additional information about these reunions. I will published to the website ALL of the information that I have in the announcements.

Please tell me about others, anywhere in the world.
Contact me at

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