The World  Drogo de Monte-acuto's Coat of Arms

The Largest Montague Family Event In History
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
July 14, 15 & 16, 2000

- This is a “non-profit” family sponsored event -

Plans are complete for this monumental event that will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America, over the weekend of July 14, 15 & 16, 2000.  Several  good friends and new-found cousins have all volunteered to help make this the event of a lifetime for the Montague family.  It's not too late for you to help if you can.  Please contact me to add your name to the Montague 2000 Worldwide Family Reunion Volunteer List.  

This is a reunion for ALL Montague family members, descendants and relatives WORLDWIDE. Not just those in the United States, but all Montagues regardless of the name derivative; Montagu, Montague, Montag, Tague, Tagg and others.

In the year 1000 the Montague Family was well established in Normandy. Drogo was born in 1040 and went with his friends to conquer England in 1066. Two of his descendants went to America. Peter went to Virginia in 1621 and his brother Richard to Massachusetts circa 1634.

Philadelphia is about midway between Hadley, Massachusetts and the Lancaster County, Virginia area, near the ancestral homes of Peter and Richard, so we decided to have the reunion in the Philadelphia area. Keep watching The Montague Millennium website for further information on this gala event. If we have enough interest it may be extended for a few more days You may direct your inquiries to any of the contacts shown at the bottom of this page.

Map of the Eastern
United States

Map of Downtown

Hotel Information

Cost Information


Please let me know if you plan to attend as early as possible.
Please help us spread the news. As you know, there are Montague family members who do not yet have e-mail or Internet access.

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