The World  Drogo de Monte-acuto's Coat of Arms


Many visitors to the website have indicated an interest in owning a high-quality, embroidered patch of the Montague Coat-of-Arms as shown in the  Montague genealogy book by George William Montague. This arms would apply to both the Peter and Richard Montague branches of the family. I commissioned a professional artist and a computer graphics artist to reproduce the coat-of-arms ( 1996-2010 The Montague Millennium, Inc.) faithfully detailed and colored in accordance with the image and blazon document describing the original work. From this I had manufactured professional quality, beautifully detailed, coat-of-arms patches in an exact copy of the art. This memorable patch is suitable for sewing on blazers, backpacks and just about anything you can get a needle through.

1996-2010 The Montague Millennium, Inc.
Coat-of-Arms Embroidered Patch
3 1/8" x 3 7/8"

The Montague Millennium website is a non-profit corporation. NO one involved with the website, including myself, receives ANY salaries, fees, or remuneration of any kind. This truly is a labor of love, but we do need some money to continue our present operations and to fund the development of additional features.

The image displayed on this page is shown at low-resolution very near actual size. However, it provides a nice example of the much superior embroidered work. I am asking $10.00 for the patch which includes postage, shipping, and handling within the United States of America. We are not yet set up for credit cards although we will eventually offer that service. I am presently asking that you mail your order along with payment payable in US funds to The Montague Millennium, Inc., 6871 Hedgewood Lane, Bartlett (Memphis), TN 38135-3513.  Please include your full mailing address as well as your email address and phone numbers in case of a miscommunication. I will put your order in the mail within about seven days of receiving it.

Anything that is sold on this website is for the sole purpose of supporting the website. This is an opportunity for you to receive a wonderful piece of Montague Heritage, and at the same time help me continue to develop resources that will benefit the entire Montague family. Thank you for your support. It is very much needed and appreciated.

Larry E. Montague, President
The Montague Millennium, Inc.

This order form is not yet operational.  Follow the instructions detailed above to order.
Please send the professional quality reproduction of the Montague Coat-of-Arms to:
Postal Code:
Email Address:
Copies desired:
Send a check or money order made payable (in US funds ($)) to The Montague Millennium, Inc. for $10.00 for each coat-of-arms patch ordered.


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