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Warwick Montagu

Thank you for taking the time to click here.
Larry has asked me to create a page to tell you a little about myself and what I'm trying to do, together with Larry.

I was born Warwick Martin Montagu Johnson. (my mother being a Montagu). I changed my name by simply dropping the Johnson some years after my parents divorced. In fact, my mother and my elder brother have also reverted to the Montagu name.

I was born in Dorking, Surrey (UK) and enjoyed a normal upbringing (well as normal as it can be when your parents divorce). At that time in the UK schooling was split between those who are bright and those who are not. This was determined by a "test" at the age of 10, called the "11 plus" - work that one out !! If you passed you would go to the Government funded Grammar School (pathway to University), or if you failed, like me, to the Secondary School (pathway to ??).

After doing miserably at school, I went to Guildford Technical College to get a Diploma in Science. My first job after College (1970) was with the computer manufacturer, Honeywell. It was at this time that I married my wife Gaye. Over the next 35 years I have stayed in the IT industry and, between Gaye and myself, have a family of 7 children and 8 grandchildren.

In 1989, we decided the best opportunity we could give our children, was not in the UK but in Australia and moved to Perth. I had no job lined up but as it happened everything worked out fine. I ended up working for an IT company in Sydney (1993). That lasted for 10 years and then was made redundant ! Within 2 weeks I had my own business and doing quite nicely. In fact doing the same work as before, for less hours, more money, and for the same customers.

Over the last 4-5 years I have been in regular contact with Larry, after he contacted me out of the blue. I think it would have been one of his "mail shots" out to any Montagu/e he could find. I went to his website and was very impressed. At this time I had already embarked on "tracing the family tree". A task not too difficult, I thought, as I knew we descended directly from the 6th Duke of Manchester and I was already shown in "Debrett's Peerage". It didn't take long to realize a simple scrapbook was not going to be enough ! I entered all my data into a Family Tree package (I used Genopro because it was a), it was free, and b), I liked the pictorial view of the tree), but then started talking to Larry and about his desire to build a database that suited the needs of the entire worldwide Montagu/e family.

I took a copy of Larry's mock up pages (with his agreement) and started to develop a database and some code to support it. I'm no web developer and it has been a good few years since I would have called myself a programmer, but I made some progress. What you see today is still really only a tiny portion of what needs to be done. It is easy to "present" the information to be viewed, but quite another to be able to enter it. Up until now I have used programs like Family Tree Maker and Genopro to collect and enter data and then moved that to the Montagu/e Database. This is fine to start with but the data Larry and I would like to see held goes far beyond that which is normally provided, and stored, in other programs. A simple example might be myself. I have been known by 2 names so to search on Warwick Johnson should produce the same results as if you searched my Warwick Montagu. Privacy is another issue we need to address together with accuracy and completeness and security of data.

It will take some time to develop this in my spare time and I am always open to ideas, suggestions and help. You can contact myself, Warwick, at
warwick@wmontagu.comor Larry at

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