Hello. My name is Larry Montague.  Welcome to The Montague Millennium.  The Montague Millennium is the official genealogy and history site of the worldwide Montague family.  Read about my plans for the website.  I invite you to browse through and let me know what you think of the project.  Even better, send your suggestions for enhancements and additions to me at [email protected].   Bookmark this page and return as often as possible.  The site will always be under construction, and we will announce updates as they become available.

Several years ago I became interested in my own family heritage. I discovered that an amazing 1,000 YEARS of Montague family history was available, dating back to Drogo de Monte-acuto, who was born around 1040 in Normandy.

Since that time I have dreamed of a way to further the collection and organization of this information, and make it available to the entire worldwide Montague family. This website is the culmination of that dream and the beginning of an even BIGGER one.

I very much want to learn about my worldwide Montague cousins. I want this website to become a vehicle for communication and education for all living Montague’s. More importantly, I want to create a dynamic bridge between our ancestors and not only our present generation, but also, our children and their progeny, who will continue to proudly carry the name of MONTAGUE bintang89. This website is dedicated to that goal.

Please click on the beautiful Montague Coat-of-Arms (� 1996-2012 The Montague Millennium, Inc.) that you see to the right.  It will take you to a much larger image that you will appreciate and you will also see directions informing you how to obtain one of your own.

 I have also had manufactured a patch (� 1996-2012 The Montague Millennium, Inc.) which  can be sewn onto jackets, back packs and just about anything you can get a needle into. Click on the patch to the right to see a near scale image and ordering directions.

The Montague Millennium Website is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation.  No one receives any fees, salaries or commissions of any kind.  All funds are put back into developing enhancements and improvements to the website.

Our website will take advantage of all the latest Internet technology. Audio, TV, newsgroups, Internet conferencing, special interest groups, children’s interest, scheduled Internet radio and TV broadcast of historical and other Montague interest. The possibilities are endless. It is the most exciting technology to come along in my lifetime.

My hope is for this site to be “home port” for our family and friends. Here we can meet Montague’s we’ve never known, renew old relationships, and keep in touch with those nearest and dearest to us. Our home port may well become star base as Montague’s join the future exploration of our Universe.

My updated plan is by the year 2015 to have almost all Montague family members alive, and who ever lived, cataloged and indexed in our system. — What a gift to our descendants! — If you too are interested in helping build this legacy for our children please contact me as there is much to be done.

Thanks for stopping by. Please send comments and suggestions to [email protected] or by snail-mail to the address shown below.

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